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Industrial Power & Process
Industrial Power & Process  

From 25 TPH to 200 TPH – Water tube AFBC Boiler with BIDRUM/SINGLE DRUM type configuration with Steam Pressure upto 130 Kg/cm2(g) and Super heated temperature unto 5400C catering mainly to Process & Power applications with different fuel combinations particularly suitable for low volatile fuels like Coal, Lignite, Biomass like Husk, etc., For firing high ash fuels like Dolochar, Washery rejects etc., Open bottom type furnace can be given. Capacity : 25 to 200 TPH

Pressure : upto 125kg/cm2 SH

Temperature : upto 540oC

Application : Power & Process

Process Heat Solutions
Process Heat Solutions  

Capacity ranges from 0.5 – 6.0 TPH with pressure upto 21 kg/cm2(g). These type of boilers are fitted with integral furnace, delivered and installed as a single package. This occupies very less floor space and minimal site work. Solid fuels like Wood logs, Coal, Lignite, Coconut Shell, Briquettes Bagasse bales etc., are fired manually. Large water hold up in this boilers helps for fluctuating load demands. These boilers are typically used in small process houses like Textile, Chemical, Paper, Food industry, Wood processing, Drugs, Rubber, Oil extraction etc.

Type : Horizontal multitubular (HMT) Boiler Dry back, Semi wet back, Fully wet back

Capacity : 1-6 TPH (Solid fuels), 1-25 TPH (Oil/Gas)

Pressure : 10, 15, 17.5 Kg/cm² Fuels : Paddy Husk, Groundnut Shell, Saw Dust, Coal, Cocoa Shell, Wood, Wood Chips, Briquettes, Oil & Gas etc.

Application : All process Industries (Rice mill and other food processing, Textile, Paper, Chemical/Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, Food oil, Wood based industries)