Our Expertise
AL Manhad Has wide range of Expertise to serve the Industrial, Utility plants, Smelter plants, Building Infrastructure. We are equipped with technical experts to execute projects in the following areas.
1: Electrical Distributions
» L.V panel maintenance
» Capacitor bank correction and maintenance
» Sub main and distribution boards
2: Electrical Engg & Installations
» Design and installation of LV Cabling system.
» Design and supply of SMDB and MDB’s
» Installation of Electrical Equipments.
» Design and Installation of Earthing and Lighting Protection system
» Design and Installation of Motor control centers
» Lighting controls & Dimmer racks
3: Instrument and Control Engineering
» Design and Installation of Relay logic/ Pro logic Control panels.
» Design and Installation of BMS System.
» Design and Installation of Gas Monitoring and handling system.
» Design and installation of pneumatic control and tubing system.
» Design and installation of Tank gauging system.
» Design and installation Valve Automation system.
» Design and installation of powder level measuring and monitoring system.
4: Mechanical and piping engineering
» Design and Installation Structural steel works.
» Design and installation of specialized piping works.
» Design and installation of powder conveying system.
» Design and installation of Compressor plant and its piping works.
» Design and installation of Chiller plant and its piping works.
» Design installation of Booster pumping system.
1: Lighting Energy Saving Performance Measures
» Lighting Retrofitting
» Lighting illumination levels
» Lighting controls and logics
2: HVAC controls Energy Saving Measures
» Chiller Performance Managements
» Compressor Performance Management.
» Heat Recovering
» Exhaust controls
» Motor controls sequence and operation
» Temperature controls and settings
3: Water Conservation Measures
» Water Flow controls
» Water Consumption Controls
» Design and Supply of MEP Services for Building Projects.
» Installation of Fire fighting and fire protection system.
» Installation of UPVC, HDPE, GRP, FRP Piping System.
» Design and installations of LPG Gas Piping system.